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Fuel Top 10′s

Welcome to our quick reference ‘top 10′s’ page where we take a brief look at the best of the best! We chart our favourites and invite you to comment! We often get asked the question, “whats the best this?, whats the best that?” And quite frankly the answer is “It depends!” So we thought we would tackle the questions and give you our opinions!..Take a look through our ‘top 1o’s’ list and see what you think!

Top 10: Proteins

In no order of greatness or preference we take a look into what protein sources we feel should be in the fighters nutritional plan. Often we find people reaching for the same old foods and settling for the same old recipes! This gets boring and can easily lead to athletes stepping out of line and grabbing the ‘not so essential foods’ shall we say. Take a look at our proteins gallery and see how you can mix up your intake…. Enjoy

Top 10: Gym Bag Essentials

Time to take a break from the food stuff and investigate the FUEL essentials when heading into the gym. Often fighters are asked what they carry with them on a daily basis and what are the core items needed when in camp! For any aspiring fighter on newbie we have put together  the quick list get you prepared and ready to train the best sport in the world.

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