FUEL 4 MMA | peri peri tuna

Peri Peri Tuna With Sweet Potato, Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes


- Tinned Tuna Steak (In Spring Water)

- Small/Medium Sweet Potatoe – Spinach Leafs – Cherry Tomatoes

- Peri Peri Hot Sauce (Supermarket brand or Nando’s Brand Hot Sauce)

How To:

1: Stab your Sweet Potatoe and place in the microwave for around 4/5 minutes or until softened thoroughly

2: Drain and prepare the Tuna and place on your plate ready for serving

3: Chop and arrange the Salad as desired

4: Cut your Sweet Potatoe into disc shapes and serve with all other dish items

5: Add Peri Peri to taste and serve

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