FUEL 4 MMA | Prawns & Salsa

King Prawn & Chilli Salsa With Mixed Leaf Salad


- King Prawns

-Mixed Leaf Salad Of Your Choice

- Hot Chilli Salsa (Fresh chilli, Jalepenos, Cherry Tomatoes, Lime Juice, Salt, Black Pepper)

Optional: 1/4 Tub of Zero Fat Cottage Cheese Other Salad Item Options: Cucumber, Red Onion, Radish

How To:

1: Plate together the Salad

2: Mix the ready cooked King Prawns into your Mixed Leaf Salad or serve alongside (Add a little lime juice and black pepper to taste)

3: For the Hot Chilli Salsa (In a blender mix all the Salsa ingrediants and blitz for 30 seconds until chunky and juicey)

4: Serve Salsa along side your Salad leafs or mix with the Prawns (Add other salad items if desired)

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