FUEL 4 MMA | Turkey Curry

Turkey Breast Curry With Asparagus, Onion & Mixed Peppers


- 1 Large Turkey Breast (Diced)

- Asparagus

- 1 Onion

- 2 Mixed Peppers

- Garlic

- Grape Seed Oil

- Curry Spice Powder (Variation of your choice)

How To:

1: Pre heat a wok with a little grape seed oil

2: After a minute or so the wok will be hot, at this point add your diced turkey and cook alone for a 2-3 minutes

3: Once the turkey starts to cook through, add your garlic, onions, mixed peppers and curry spice. (If the wok becomes a little dry add some a little water or a touch more oil)

4: Toss the wok and ensure all meat and vegetables are covered with spice and cook for a further 5 minutes or so

5: A minutes before the curry is ready add your asparagus and mix into the curry

6: SImply serve and add salt and pepper to taste

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