FUEL 4 MMA | salmon ramen

Japanese Salmon Ramen Soup


- Salmon fillet

- Kale

- Broccoli

- Fresh Chilli

- Dried Chilli Seeds

- Grape Seed Oil

- Vegetable stock cubes x 2

How To:

1: Heat up a large saucepan and add to this 2 vegetable stock cubes, broccoli, kale and dried chilli. Gently simmer for 15/20 minutes or when you feel the broccoli is just cooked. (Stir every 5 minutes).

2: In an oven prof dish lay out your salmon fillet and top with freshly chopped chilli and a little dash of grape seed oil and place in the oven (200 Degrees Celsius) for 15/20 or until cooked through.

3: In a large serving dish add the broth and vegetables and top with the baked salmon fillet.


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