FUEL 4 MMA | baked basa fillet


Welcome to the recipes area of FUEL 4 MMA! Here you will find a sample selection of tasty meals prepared and designed specifically for fighters by the FUEL team. All our meals are tried and tested in training camps to aid weight management and provide sufficient energy for fighters.

Food when cutting weight is generally perceived to be bland and flavourless forcing fighters to become bored of the same old salads and chicken and rice dishes. FUEL 4 MMA recognise this, and have researched, sampled and experimented in food technology to provide tasty alternatives to the norms many settle for.

Take a look at our sample dishes to see how we can help spice up your meal times! Keep it exciting and keep on track!

We offer bespoke recipes and diet plans to suit you and your taste buds! So get in touch and see how we can work together.

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