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A website for MMA enthusiasts, fighters and nutrition lovers. Published to provide simple, non-scientific advice, insight and food facts on all things nutrition, specifically adapted to the sport of MMA.

It has become apparent to me as a fighter and foodie that there is limited resource for people like myself to turn my hand to when looking at what foods, diets and food sources work for MMA specifically. After all, the sport is relatively young so we are all still learning and developing what the best ways to prepare, fuel and fight in our sport. As the sport develops ten fold, the nutrition side and fuelling athletes seems to be trailing behind in our opinion at FUEL4MMA.

We hope to share with readers a wide variety of insightful information to help you take your body and training to the next level! No matter what your goals may be, we feel we can help you understand what training; food and recipes work for you and your regime.

FUEL 4 MMA | About usAbout the creator: Glen Crossland

“First of all, massive thank you for taking the time out of your day to at least read a chunk of FUEL4MMA. I thought I would share with everyone my passion not just for food and healthy eating, but more importantly how you eat extremely tasty food that’s quick and easy to prepare for anyone in the MMA game.

I hope you find the website interesting, informative and helpful. Feel free to tweet me (@fuel4mma) with any questions or comments you may have…

My enthusiasm for food, healthy eating and training comes from a commitment to myself to be the best version of me, I truly believe if you are not willing to do something with 100% focus, dedication and commitment then simply you are wasting your time or not fulfilling your potential of being the best version of you. Find something you love to do, work hard at it and give it your all..

So enough about me, I’m here to talk about one aspect of my sport which I believe to be extremely important, and that’s nutrition and healthy eating.

I would like to point out at this stage I am not a nutritional expert; I have not studied this in any scientific way. The advice and insight I share is purely based on my lifestyle of training and food consumption over the past 5 years. Eating the containing recipes, paired with a heavy MMA training schedule has resulted in me achieving countless personal goals.

Enjoy the read

Glen Crossland

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